Quinta da Raza
Projects- The New Age and Bottled Wine

In the early 90s, Diogo initiated major changes in the farm and vineyard.

Traditionally located in arable fields, the vineyards were relocated to the slopes and hillsides which were more favorable for vine cultivation and innovative systems were introduced giving better exposure to the sun.

At this stage, the size of the vineyards was increased to 40 hectares. This has resulted in an exponential increase in both the quality and the quantity of the wine produced.

Over the years there has been major investment in new machinery which was a crucial factor in controlling production costs.

In 1999/2000, significant improvements were introduced in the cellar, including new oenological and storage equipment.

At this time, the ex-cellar sales became more frequent and together with dynamic marketing brought the farm to a new era.
A new cellar, situated in the middle of the Raza vineyard, is now taking its first steps and will come into operation for the 2011 harvest.

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